Dad’s Arizona Vacation – Days 2 & 3

I slept so long and so hard on Monday night.  After a 4 hour flight (3 hours and 44 minutes, actually), I had a 90 minute drive to Miami (after Der Wiernerschnitzel and Caribou!) and then another 3+ hour drive to Sierra Vista.  Needless to say, I was very tired.

Tuesday was fun.  My dad barbecued ribs that Maria and Derek had marinated.  They were delicious.

We took lots of pictures.  Here are a few of them:

I got 4.3 miles in (after a spicy breakfast) the 85 degree very humid (not Michigan humid but definitely muggy) afternoon. It was heaven! Guilt-free after my run!

Wednesday was more of the same except this time we ordered wings from Vinny’s.  They were very tasty. Early in the afternoon, the storms rolled in and we got a soaking. The lightning strikes were bright and loud and the desert rain smelled wonderful.  We say on the back porch and when it started to really pour we got a little wet.  Just plain fun.

After the rain, I got 4.5 miles in (after the spicy wings…are you detecting a pattern here?).  It was warm and muggy and I probably smelled pretty bad afterwards.  Nonetheless, 4.5 more miles for July.  I’m sitting at 48.75 miles so far.  My June and July totals have historically been the highest of the summer for me.  My record is 77 miles (June 2016).

I miss you all! Love you!



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